Your life, your way: 2.5 Hours

Self-hypnosis workshop for adults

Life is the most beautiful gift bestowed on us by the Almighty. Unfortunately most of us are unable to realize it until it is too late. Few fortunate individuals understand the universe signals and align themselves. The majority is however stuck in the spinning wheel of the secular life. Education…career…money…car…house etc. We tend to overlook the treasures of the heart and the rare gem that is hiding in one of our pockets.

Dr. Garima by the medium of this Self Hypnosis workshop aims to help everyone open those inner doors that can lead us to the ultimate realization of our birth, our presence and significance in this universe. Each one of us is a unique gift with a unique mission, we just need to concentrate and command the universe…all our wishes can come true and we can achieve enlightenment right here without denouncing our worldly pleasure.

When an individual reaches to the sub conscience world, mystic healing starts spontaneously. Many negative feelings melts away…many fears just evaporate

All you need to do is just surrender yourself to Sukhayu Care and emerge like a true human being in sync with own life and fully aware of his/her own mission.