Super Student: 2.5 Hours

Self-hypnosis workshop for students

Another vital segment that needs vital care is the youth in our society; our lovely children, our adorable students. In order to manufacture perfect students the schools have become more of ruthless factories. In these environs being an average is a stigma and being below average is a crime. Sheep culture, top grades and Humanities: A Taboo, are trends that can be seen in any school in different avtaars.

Sukhayu Bhava’s Special Super Student Workshop is not any run of the mill module. It has been developed with parental care, mentor’s mind and student’s heart. Hypnosis is no voodoo craft or black magic. It is a scientific practice that only relaxes the mind and nerves and enables the practitioner to connect with the seeker both at conscience and sub conscience levels with compassion and care.

A student’s mind and his/her life is one of the most volatile cauldron a human experiences in his/her life. Peer pressure, school pressure, parents nagging, growing pangs, self-expectations, vulnerable confidence levels, impulsive jealousy, harmful vanity, innocent arrogance, volcanic temperaments and competitive environs…whoo and we thought it is easy to be a student.

Dr. Garima’s tutelage and the Sukhayu philosophy empower a student in just 2 and half hours to learn to cope with all challenges effortlessly. The ENHANCE and RELEASE module helps a student in inspiring ways. As apparent you are welcome to interact with Dr. Garima and understand the workshop fully before introducing the child.