Sattvavajaya Chikitsa



“Sattvavajaya Chikitsa

Restraining Mind from

Unwholesome objects.”

Sattvavjaya Chikitsa involves:

Ayurveda Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy The Ayurveda way

Past Life Regression Therapy The

Ayurveda Way

Sattvavjaya Chikitsa (For Mind) : Restraining mind from unwholesome objects.

  Ahita (Unwholesome)  |  Artha (Perceived by sense organs)  |  Mithya yoga (Improper indulgence)


Heena Yoga (Non- indulgence)

Ati Yoga (Excessive indulgence)

Mithya yoga (Improper indulgence)

    Artha( perceived by sense organs)

Object of five Senses

Objects of mind


To restrain mind ( from unwholesome objects)


Objective of sattvavajaya ( Ayurveda Psychotherapy) :

Jnana: Jnanam atmah jananam ( Self realization ) which helps to control over his /her conception, behavior, self esteem.

Vijnana: Vijnanam shastra jnanam ( External Knowledge) to provide guidance to understand the nature of illness & improve coping capabilities.

Dhairya: Dhairyam anunnati chetasha (maintain mental balance even under stress) It helps to control impulse, thus give time to flip negativity to positivity.

Smrithi: Smrithi anubhutartha smaranman. Smrithi is to recall past experience to understand the exact nature of the object & to expose the hidden conflicts which cab be primary source of present mental state.

Samadhi: Vishayebho niuruthya aatmani manaso niyamanam.



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Sattvavajaya Chikitsa ( Ayurveda Psychotherapy)


To achive the higher level of awareness by withdrawing mind from wordily objects & meditating on the spiritual dimensions of self.

Some other dimensions of Sattvavajaya Chikitsta are:

      Trivarga Anveksha: That is done by following trivagas:

Dharma – Virtue  |  Artha –Wealth  |  Kama – Pleasure

To understand more about atma & self:

Dosha – Body  |  Kala – Time  |  Shakti – Strength

Psycho- Suportive techniques which involves :

Aswasana – Reassurance & Explanation  |  Suhritvaka – Guidance & Suggestions

Pratyatma : Individual Psychotherapy and Pratidvanda : Replacement of emotions like kama, krodha to peace & many.

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