Past life regression therapy is one of the holistic healing methods that uses hypnosis to transport one back to one’s previous lifetime/s. It is a technique of recovering memories of past incarnations. A person might undertake past life regression therapy typically to sort out any problem he or she might be experiencing in the present. It can also be undertaken to better the spiritual aspect of one’s life.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, written during the 2nd century BC discusses the process of past life regression (or prati-prasav meaning reverse birthing). It discusses the idea of addressing current problems using memories of past lives. PLRT is based on the karmic law of cause and effect, i.e. a person’s current well being at the moment is a result of his or her past experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, etc.

Feel the Real Essence of Past Life Regression Therapy!

Past life regression often elicits feelings of reexperience in people. You may actually feel like you are the person you were in a past life, you have that body again or are with the people you knew in that lifetime, during your session. Some people receive other sensory sensations such as familar odors, sounds, tastes and environmental sensations such as textures, weather, social situations. The sensations you receive may be quite subtle or very vivid.

If this comes when you regress, try to relax and just go with it. If you become agitated or traumatized from it, the experience of recall will not fulfill it’s purpose. If a trauma does come into your consciousness, it is significant to your life now. Believers of reincarnation know that we have all died many many times.

The role of the regression therapist is to help you remember the important situations and then process what you remember. Often, the simple process of recall is a big step forward to healing ailments, emotional scars and challenges that plague you in this life. We tend to repeat what we do not process.

What are the Benefits?

People elect to explore their past lives for a number of reasons. The most common is our need for self discovery and understanding. Our Regression therapists have successfully helped people regress and come to terms with several areas of themselves. Regression can help you become aware of:

  • Your present life purpose and plan
  • Your connection to your parents, siblings and other important relationships
  • The cause of your fears, feelings of guilt, anger, phobias
  • Past life memories that may be affecting your health
  • Past life talents, knowledge and abilities
  • Past life trauma and death experiences
  • Your between lives experiences
  • Connecting to your spiritual guides and deceased loved ones
  • Healing grief and loss
  • Understanding your attraction to certain lands, people, interests

Create happier life for self by changing thoughts and taking actions.

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