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Gulab & tulsi combination for soothing & immunomodulatory effect

Best for acidity, heart burn

Brahmi gives soothing and calming effect

Reduces paittik disorders


Gulukand- Spoon of Health

The lineage of Gulukand is much more than just an accompaniment in a ‘Meetha Pan’. It is actually the ultimate cure of acidity, enhances the health of brain by calming the nerves in a tingling manner. The surprising medicinal properties of rose give a standing ovation to the goodness of mishri and tulsi for 45 days. Yes it takes 45 days for the mixture of rose petals, crushed almonds mishri and tulsi to become the spoon of health for you and your family.  

  • Gulab
  • Mishri
  • Tulsi
  • Ram Tulsi
  • Ban Tulsi
  • Jangli Tulsi
  • Maruva
 Best For Acidity And Heartburn  Reduces Paiitik Disorders  Regulates Bowel movements
 Calms Headache  Brain Tonic  Strengthen Nervous System
 Heart Tonic  Blood Purifier  Glowing Skin
 Improves Vision  Increases Potency  Immunomodulator
 Nourishes Body  Regulates Emotions & Thought  Helps In Spiritual Growth

1-2  spoon twice a day.

1 spoon with hot milk at night releases constipation.

Safe for all age groups.

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