Defeat  Dengue: The Ayurveda Way

Defeat Dengue: The Ayurveda Way

What is Dengue:

Dengue is not like a simple fever or flu, but more dangerous than all. Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by an infected female Aedes Mosquito.

In Ayurveda Dengue is Known as Dandank Jwar, other common names are  Dandy fever, Breakbone fever, Three-day fever.

Dengue can occur in people of all ages, children of 10 yrs or lesser are majorly affected. Dengue fever is non –contagious

When a virus enters the bloodstream after the bite of infected Aedes Mosquito, virus tends to multiply. To fight against the virus, our Body Defense Mechanism increases the body heat, so the fever appears and while fighting against the infection Platelets goes down.

Symptoms of Dengue fever:

  • Sudden High Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Heaviness or pain in eyes
  • Severe headaches
  • Skin Rashes
  • Muscle pain
  • Swelling & pain in joints.

Dengue fever & symptoms can fade in 10 days, but complete recovery from dengue infection can take more than a month.

How to Fight Against the Dengue:

Dengue fever is a symptom of viral infection in the bloodstream, so the subsiding fever is never a solution. What is to be done is to support your Body Defense mechanism by natural Anti- Microbial and by enhancing immunity Power.

Do not panic if diagnosed with Dengue. There is for sure solution for it.

That is possible only in Ayurveda, As Ayurveda combinations are both Anti-Microbial & Immunity Booster.

Few Combinations of Dengue:

  • Tulsi & Giloy: both herbs are well known for there Anti- Microbial, Anti- Pyretic Properties. Also, they are immunity booster.

          Drink fresh juice of 11 leaves of Tulsi & 2 inches of Giloy twice a day for speedy recovery.

  • Pomegranate & Papaya: fresh juice of Pomegranate & Papaya enhances the digestive Agni which helps to fight against the infection, thus helps to increase the platelets counts.

Ayurveda Medicines for Dengue :

  • SukhayubhavaSukhayubhava Tulsi ark with Giloy: due to increase in pollution, the potency of Tulsi & giloy plant at our home has gone down. So it’s better to have concentrated Himalayan organic Tulsi & Giloy which will fight against the Dengue virus subsides fever, increases platelet counts & enhances immunity. 

         Dose: 4 drops in a liter of water and drink that water whole day. Apply 1 drop of Ark on naval once a day.


  • SukhayubhavaSukhayubhava Cistra Capsule: Cistra capsule is an Anti- Microbial capsule, which is a combination of Chirayata, Giloy, Vasa, Mulethi, Sonth, Tulsi, Chitrak, Haritki, Godanti Bhasma. This combination helps against all the symptoms of Dengue & Fight against the Dengue Fever the Ayurveda way.

         Dose: 1 capsule morning & evening after food.


  • Sanjeevani vati: a magical classical combination used to fight against the fever  & increases the platelets counts.

          Dose: 2 tables thrice a day after food.


  • Sukhayubhava Yuvaa capsuleSukhayubhava: The Breakbone fever as the name says in Dengue fever bone aches. It aches because of swelling in joints. To subside swelling nourishment & body relaxation is needed.

 Yuvaa capsule nourishes the body, relaxes muscles & joints. Helps in speedy, pain-free recovery.

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  1. Rohit Suri
    Nov 30, 2017 at 6:40 am

    My wife had dengue, we tried Tulsi Arka, cistra & Sanjeevni vati, the results were amazing, within 7 days she was back to normal . With the help of these medicines her HB was increased like never before. Thanks to SUKHAYUBHAVA n Dr. Garima for serving the nation .
    Rohit Suri

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