Over the years, the fast paced corporate world has become one of the most common battleground where people are facing stress, burnouts. Short lived careers have become like an epidemic. More and more young proferssionals are suffering from exhaustion and performance crisis all around us. Challenges at work places are multiplying by continual economic quakes. Sukhayu Bhava under the expert care of Dr. Garima Saxena have designed unique set of simple Yoga exercises that can be done while sitting on your designated work station. Employees can start their respective day withese exercises and feel the sea change within themselves in a matter of days.  

The hallmark of this 2 and hour session for corporates

  1. Maintain a high life condition
  2. Tread forward on “Being Healthy’ path
  3. Enhances Confidence
  4. Inculcates positive attitude
  5. Increases Productivity

Apart from these key benefits, there are infinite benefits that can embrace with heartwarming care. Smokers can get inspired to curb the craving and in return sow seeds of good health. Hangovers and party blues can become perils of the past.

Become a happy achiever and a healthy asset to your organisation…Sukhayu Bhava!!