At SUKHAYUBHAVA HOLISTIC CARE, we care for you, we care for your thoughts, emotions and relationships.. THE AYURVEDA WAY. This is precisely the reason why we bring to you the most real way to cure unhappiness not by medicines but by reversing the cause which lies caged in your mind through the ayurveda SATTVAVAJAYA CHIKITSA popularly dubbed  as psychotherapy. Yes, psychotherapy is no skeleton in any cupboard or a taboo that one has to be secretive or ashamed of. Centuries ago ayurveda identified its need, significance and the means to win.

The Ayurvedic Definition of Psychotherapy

Sattvavajaya Chikitsa all about winning over the factors that affects the growth of your self. is primarily based on to lift up the Sattva. Satvavajaya chikitsa / Psychotherapy is one of the natural way, which helps to release all sorts of burden from mind thus making mind peaceful and making person happy. It consists of a series of techniques for treating mental health, emotional and some psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapy helps you to understand what makes you feel positive or anxious, as well as teach you to accept your strong and weak points. If you can identify your feelings and ways of thinking then you by yourself become better at coping with difficult situations.

According to Ayurveda SATVA , RAJA & TAMA  ATTRIBUTES OF MANA.

Satva is considered as ’’virtuous’’ [Guna] while others are considered as “vitiators of mind” [Manasa Doshas], because

Their predominance affects the mental diseases. Mental disease are mainly  generated by the non-fulfillment of desired objects,  by suppressing emotions within & many. As a social being, we are unable to fulfill all our desires and we are compelled to accept things that we would dislike. Both these cause frustration and depression and are conducive to mental disturbances. This occurs due to vitiation of Raja and Tama.  SATVAJAY CHIKITSA helps to deal with raja & tama and enhances satva to bring clarity of mind.

Create happier life for self by changing thoughts and taking actions…the Ayurveda way!!