Our human self is the biggest gift nature has bestowed upon each one of us. Our body without doubt is a precious treasure chest in its own infinite ways.  Sukhayu Bhava believes in making you aware of your body (what’s the best activity for it), your mind. What’s better than the fact that we become master of our own health. When we are sick, we visit a doctor and he diagnoses and prescribes the cure. Imagine if you are so empowered and your life state is so strong that you nip the ailment in its bud only effectively by setting in motion the wheel of self awakening, eternal connection with your consciousness. Sounds complicated, welcome to Sukhayu Bhava Workshops

Learn the art to concentrate to get awakened to the power of self. Experience the highs of an awakened yogi while conducting the secular life without any hindrance. Learn What’s going inside it and how to deal with it) and connect to your soul. KNOW YOUR SELF, HEAL YOUR SELF AND BECOME YOUR OWN DOCTOR. CHOOSE FROM OUR VARIOUS WORKSHOPS.

1. Chaitanya

2. Bench yoga

3. Basics of yoga

4. Super student

5. Your life your way

6. I am light

7. Power of mind and manifestation